Kitchen boat-shaped

cocina Cocina con forma de barco
When we believe that furniture designers already do not know what to invent to surprise us, there are furniture and styles that leave us with the word in the mouth. A good example is the prestigious firm of kitchen furniture Alno, Germany, who in the year 2010 designed the impressive concept-based Marecucina. The design has only improved over the next two years and has become a reference for the brand, which has included it in the ebook from the company this year 2012.

The truth is with this kind of images about the words. This kitchen, whose design is clearly inspired in the shape of a ship, is sufficient in itself to attract the attention of all the looks…

The model was unveiled at the Milan fair in 2010 with the object of “pay tribute to the maritime lifestyle, through a partnership that we have tried to make it symbolic: each Member of the family is part of the crew of a ship, that sails all sailing and at great speed”. Those are the words that appear on the website of the firm Alno to describe his design. Within this marine concept, the design of Marecucina is totally inspired by the construction of sailing boats: from the drawer or drawers for storage until the countertop, which shadowed deck boats.

cocina2 Cocina con forma de barco
But the idea is not only to imitate the appearance or shape, but rather Marecucina also follows the line of nautical design as for economy of space, resistance of the surfaces or ease of cleaning. It is certainly a kitchen designed for luxury housing, given its size and its exclusivity; but, in addition, nonetheless be a dream for lovers of the sea, sailing and outdoor life.

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