Kids study corners

When we decorate a youth room, the space or area of study must combine functionality with a few designs that stimulate their creativity, their concentration and facilitate being during few hours studying or making homework.

For it, in addition to the general style of the bedroom or study, specific room must take into account some elements: the temperature of the place, Chair, table, lighting and storage areas.

The Chair should enable you to have leisurely back over her and that your feet reach the floor, keep in mind if you need a footrest for this posture is correct and if necessary, seeks to make it non-slip or placed a carpet beneath her desk.

The study table or the Desk should allow rest forearms on it, so it is important to consider the heights of table and Chair if they are not bought or elect at the same time.  It is important that reading is made on a vertical surface, so provide a lectern and get accustomed to using it, there are some who are also very decorative.

The room temperature should be between 18 and 22 degrees and if you choose, you must put something away from heating or air conditioning study corner to avoid headaches.  In terms of lighting, it is preferable that has natural light around, and for light with artificial light that has two sources one superior and another focused on the area of the desktop. The same effect with a hose that are also in a multitude of designs can get and they are highly decorative, functional and practical.

With regard to storage areas, there should be boxes or crates for books and books of daily use, any shelving for books for consultation and pens or small boxes for small equipment, thereby, will prevent the loss of concentration to not having to get up every time that you need to use colors, rules, sharpen a pencil, etc.

In addition, avoid temptations, if your computer is in another zone and if you put a paper closely. So you have everything in order, a good study environment and a nice room does anyone give more?.

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