Katsumi Hayakawa Paper Cities

Ciudades de papel

Last Sunday at the small hiatus we are dedicated to the art every week, I taught the ruins of Detroit, a depopulated city which offers very powerful images of its abandoned buildings. Today, however, I will teach a very different cities, the role of Katsumi Hayakawa cities. It is three-dimensional works made from folded paper, and that they much resemble urban spaces saturated with all these houses agolpadas of narrow, although other works they resemble large metallic structures.

Ciudades de papel - detalle

Very remarkable is the thoroughness with which Japanese artist is able to cut, fold and paste tiny pieces of paper as its ability to create compositions with heavy conceptual and emotional, able to move to the heart of a bustling neighborhood just by looking at her.

Despite the unconventional are his creations is a very valued artist who has exhibited in major galleries in his native country as United States.

You can see a sample of these cities of role in the small gallery I have prepared and hope enjoy.

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