Japanese Futons Bed Stores (Ikea, Haiku, etc.)

A futon is a Japanese traditional bed consisting of a fine natural mattress made of pressed cotton water that is placed on a dais of wood attached to the ground or referred to as Tatami mats. They Japanese futons have only 5 cm thick so they are easily folding which allows you to pick up and store them in a closet during the day and thus be able to use the room for other uses, in addition to as bedroom so it is an option to be taken into account in houses with little space.

The Western futon is the most known and used in Spain although the vast majority does not know this name but with the sofa bed. This type of Futons are very different from the Japanese that they are usually stuffed with a combination of foam and cotton, are somewhat thicker and are usually mounted on a rack can be used as a sofa and bed. The transformation from one to another is done via a light displacement.

Many people, especially young couples, opt for this type of bed that saves lots of space at home and they are very practices such as extra bed for visitors.

After I have reported are the futon you you ask in that stores you can buy? It is as simple as give a return by Ikea, there will find many models of type futon sofa bed such as: ps havet, lovas ps or ps murbo

Also in shops specializing in futons as futon line with shops in San Sebastian, Bilbao, Valladolid, Madrid, Valencia and Alicante; Haiku futon that has online store; futon dream, futon llit with store in Barcelona or futon station, with several points of sale in Spain.

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