Indoor plants to decorate the bathroom

Plantas de interior para decorar el baño
If you are that have plants at home, caring for them and see them grow up like you, today’s post are interested. He wanted to make a very ‘green’ proposal to decorate one of the most important spaces in the House: bathroom. Put some plants in the bathroom is a great idea to make this space a more refreshing still.

Plants provide natural and a touch green which will be perfect if you have, for example, the bathroom decorated in white. Tiles and mosaics of this color contrast with the green of the plants in a special, wonderful way. Whatever it is, if you choose plants wisely you can create in your bathroom an oasis of freshness.

Plantas de interior para decorar el baño
To begin with, and before we go running to the florist, have to see what the conditions of the space in question. Usually bathrooms are places where there is not much natural light. If your bathroom is spacious and bright, you’re in luck. Your plants will grow great. But if it isn’t, do not despair: the artificial light will give the plant that needed to be in top form.

Bathrooms tend to be humid environments, so we will have to choose species that can well support the humidity and temperature changes. There are many indoor plants that live enchanted with this hydration plus.

Plantas de interior para decorar el baño
For starters, make sure that the plants are getting sufficient amount of light they need, even artificial. If your bathroom is not too bright, choose plants that don’t need as much light. Not you go with irrigation. Plants in the bathroom benefit from the moisture of the atmosphere, so you’ll have to control irrigation, because they will need less water.

Ferns, as the Polypody, are perfect plants to decorate the bathroom, since they don’t need much light and support the humidity and temperature changes. Other suitable species are the Rib of Adam, Pilea or Fitonia.

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