In the offices of Dreamhost, web hosting company

Today I invite you to follow me in superb Dreamhost to Brea, California offices. Ah yes, I was going to forget, for those of you that are unaware (or computer), Dreamhost is a web hosting company. In other words, a company that provides internet hosting services. As you will see, work in it can really have the faint

Dreamhost office - la boite dans la boite

Welcome to the offices of Dreamhost in California. Here it is the paradise of the horizontal hierarchy, as love often promote it start up and other companies in the field of the web. Here it promotes communication and exchanges between colleagues with a minimum of separation, an easy movement of people and therefore information.

Photo des bureaux du siège de Dreamhost

Meeting spaces are also informal with several relaxation areas or this amazing room for box posed in an open space.

Dreamhost headquarters

Then, after visiting the offices or rather I would say the loft of Dreamhost, did you dream of working in such a business.

Design: Studio O + A
Project team: Primo Orpilla, Denise Cherry, Kroeun Dav, Alex Ng.

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