How to organize a House to live in harmony

Cómo organizar una casa para vivir en armonía
Coexistence is always very difficult, whether in family, as a couple or with friends. However, with a little flexibility, with knowledge sharing and establishing some basic game rules, you can live in harmony and without having practically no problem.

It sharing the same space is not easy and, although there is not a single standard to follow, the formula that works can be found with a little effort. Some of the best things that can be done to organize a house in which different people share space are compile a list of responsibilities, establish a rules and adapting the spaces to avoid reasons for fighting. Sure that you are very useful advice that we give you below.

The first standard for living in harmony is that each of the inhabitants have some space private to make you want it. Carpets or screens can be used to separate environments. It is also a good idea to negotiate schedules to use common spaces, without forgetting to do things together.

Stay more conflicts often result in is the bathroom. So if you only have one, it is good idea to separate the toilet of the wash and shower so that they can use two people at the same time. In addition, it is best that each have their own space to store their belongings, either in the bathroom as in the rest of the House: each Member of the House storage space must be equivalent.

TV is another element of discussion. It’s best to choose programs that like all, or but always negotiate can be by time zones or for days. In terms of temperature, it is important to find a balance, in the same way that is more consistent to keep a little in winter to raise the heating too warm and in summer you should not pass cold because of the air conditioning.

Finally, it is important to maintain order and cleaning at home. All those who live in the housing should collaborate with the household chores, in the same way that the work must distribute to perform in the kitchen.

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