How to illuminate the surroundings of the pool

Cómo iluminar los alrededores de la piscina
Without a doubt, the garden is one of the spaces of the home that we most enjoyed throughout the year, although its use increases as temperatures are rising. Of course, this area of home improvement if it has a swimming pool where we can refresh ourselves when temperatures tight, both day and night.

Hit with the lighting in the pool and its surroundings is key to be able to enjoy the most of this area of the housing. To do this you will have to take into account the needs and preferences of those who used the pool. We tell you how to illuminate the surroundings of the pool below.

As you know, the most traditional way of illuminating a pool is using recessed lights in the interior and in the outlines, a very useful and decorative option that allows you to enjoy a swim at midnight. Today, these bulbs create very original and different environments that offer the possibility to choose between various dazzling effects to distance by means of a remote control.

That Yes, for this purpose the luminaires to be installed must have an index of Protection IP68, i.e. the index of protection against water and solid body, which tells us that they are spotlights prepared to endure long under water.

Another option to illuminate the area around the pool, as well as the interior, is to use lamps floating on the water, which can run up to 8 hours offering Flashgames.

If these options do not convince you, you can always opt for the recessed lights around the pool, that delimit the area of water in a garden, guaranteeing certain Security through a simple installation that does not require any maintenance continued.

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