How to illuminate the kitchen

Cómo iluminar la cocina
Today, lighting plays one role more than important to the functionality of any space, in addition to widely contribute to the aesthetics of the areas and companion of decoration. This role of the lighting is even more relevant in the kitchen, since it is a place where carry out tasks that require light to perform them correctly and, above all, safe (let’s not forget that they are usually use sharp knives, scissors, and fire).

Therefore, and unlike what happens in other rooms in the House, the lighting in the kitchen should be functional and practical, combining natural light with artificial light that allows preparing food and cooking in a pleasant way. Of course, you must also adapt the space depending on the use you give it (eat, study, work…). Today in style we will explain you how to light a kitchen.

It is best that you get maximum natural light, i.e., which enters through the door and windows. To achieve this, it is important that you care with furniture not cut the circulation of light. In addition, curtains and blinds should not prevent the passage of the Sun’s rays.

Cómo iluminar la cocina

For general lighting, you will have to have a light pleasant that illuminates next to the door. You can opt for a light with a dimmer.

On the other hand, you have to have a good functional lighting on the countertop so you can see what you’re doing. It is best to install this light under the cabinets and sink, away from the surfaces that tend to get wet. In addition, if your kitchen has a space for eating or a bar for breakfast, will be a good idea that you place ceilinglamps. So, you also have more light to perform other tasks as studying.

Cómo iluminar la cocina

Finally, you can also count on another type of lighting environment in some areas. For example, you can place lights in the display cabinets or highlighting any object.

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