How to illuminate the home to save space

Cómo iluminar el hogar para ganar espacio
You also have to settle for living in a small apartment? Do not worry! In Decorablog you will find a lot of Tips for decorating small spaces and the latest trends for the decoration of floors where space is conspicuous by its absence.

Today, for example, we give you the keys to light up your home so you think feeling of space. How you read it! You can expand the kitchen or enjoy a larger room without doing works. You will only have to use the magic of light. We then tell you how to get it

In the kitchen we recommend that you place more focus on the hob to the ceiling, placing low points of light cabinets or shelves. This manarás will have more light where you do most of your tasks, increasing the sensation of space and preventing glare.

In the lounge, the best is that you difumines the light and forget of the lights in the ceiling. We recommend that you choose a perimeter lighting, embedding lights around the ceiling. It is also a good idea that you believe several environments in the classroom, using specific lights to highlight elements such as the glass cabinets or boxes.

As for the dining room, best thing to do is to combine the light concentrated on the table with spotlights perimeter on the roof or sconces on the walls.

It is also good idea you fruitful points of light in the bedroom, although the children’s bedrooms should be seen as spaces Open and cleared. To do this you will need a uniform general lighting that illuminates the entire stay alike. And if the bedroom has a study area, this should be well lit.

Finally, let’s talk about bath, in which you can multiply the feeling of space with a large mirror over the sink. It is important to illuminate it laterally to not create shadows.

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