How to illuminate the dining room

Cómo iluminar el comedor
Decorate through the light isn’t easy. There are many doubts that assail us when we try to plan the lighting of some space, and it also happens with the dining room. Is it better to install lights General or focused points of light? How should we illuminate the table? What type of lamps are best suited for this space?

Today’s post is intended to put some light (and never better said) in this complex issue, to help you decide what and how light. In any case, the solution to the problem is by reflecting on the space in question.

Cómo iluminar el comedor
One of the aspects that concern us most when installing lamps in the dining room is the type of lighting choice: If we should endow a general light space, or if we need better focused illumination. The key is to decide the visual hierarchy that you want to impose. If before that which receives more light will attract our attention, we have to know what are the points that we want to highlight.

General lighting makes spaces, architecture, while the spot lights are used to emphasize very specific areas or objects. Once we have clear where we will put the accent light, it will be easier to decide us by some kind of light, or both.

Cómo iluminar el comedor
At the chapter of the lighting of the dining room table, it is important to provide an amount of light on the faces of Diners without make it annoying, so the best is to choose lights with some component of indirect side light.

They hanging lamps are spectacular hanging over the table, but it is necessary to guess the distance. It has to be sufficiently low to provide the necessary light, but would not interfere with the vision of the faces when Diners get up chairs. In addition, if you put it too high, risk that the bulb is visible when we are sitting, which is very unpleasant.

As a general rule we have leave of 60 to 80 cm. from the surface of the table, but this distance also depends on the size of the table to illuminate.

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