How to divide spaces in small apartments

When we have to develop ourselves in confined spaces, win privacy can pose quite a challenge because it is not only isolate a space, but the two resulting environments must remain functional, and not blinded the light one to another, must continue to fulfil the function for which they are designed. If, in addition, we want the result to be decorative, we must employ us to fund. Impossible? Of course not.

To divide spaces have many options, from the classic screens or curtains, transparent panels, Japanese type, sliding doors in wood or glass, fixed glass, media walls on wall or glazed bricks; or the easiest option: separate visually with own furniture.

Shelves, tables, drawers, a sofa on his back about that rectangular luminary can face a Cabinet of drawers, a nightstand, a Desk or, even, another sofa are some of the easier options and decorative. It will always depend on natural lighting, the points of light that we have, the need for extra plugs (and the consequent risk of cross wires around a room). Sometimes, if only you want to divide the atmosphere, a carpet and a few chairs suffice rather than.

These decorative solutions are valid, in reality, not only for small apartments , but also on those occasions in which a room should “grow” for various needs. You must find the solution that best adapts to the environment and not only think in privacy but comfort and frequency of its use, because it will be the end that most affect you feel that solution as a success: the comfort of use and harmony in that space division.

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