How to decorate a staircase of neighbors

Cómo decorar una escalera de vecinos
Many would like to be able to live in a house large isolated from the rest of the world, but most us is not obliged to share the building with a lot of neighbors who generally tend to annoy enough. It’s what you have to live in a city!

Although its small portion of the building belongs to everyone, the truth is that in the community of neighbors share more things than noise and costs. We refer to the common areas, which usually tend to be quite boring. However, with a few little tricks we can convert this area which we go through every day without paying too much attention in a place with an atmosphere fully pleasant. Would you like to meet them?

One of the best ways to give a touch of life and joy to the ladder of neighbors is by putting plants . Although in your community, you can opt for artificial plants, it is recommended that you decantéis by the natives. That Yes, the neighbors will have to be aware of their care.

Another good idea to give a special touch to the ladder of neighbors is to place pictures. As it is difficult that all of the owners to agree, it is best you Blist by its characteristic landscapes.

If in your building, you have enough space, it’s good idea that you put a sofa or any type of seat. In this way, the visits that are waiting for you to come down can make time sitting. In the same way, is a good opportunity to have a friendly chat with your neighbors if you match on the portal. It is also a good idea to place a cheerful carpet in the entrance.

However, most importantly in a ladder of neighbors are the walls, most must be always clean possible to make a good impression. If you receive little light, it is best you Blist by good lighting and light colors to enhance the luminosity. Also, can not forget you give a coat of paint when necessary.

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