How to decorate a bedroom

Cómo decorar una habitación de matrimonio
Although at first may be the easiest to decorate room, the truth is that accommodate a bedroom of marriage involves certain difficulties, inter alia because it should not be too masculine or too feminine so that both can feel comfortable and represented in the room. Of course, there must be with the likes of the two members of the couple to choose each item.

Today in style we’re going to give you keys so decor bedroom of marriage in a simple way and getting excellent results. Are you prepared?

Although several aspects you will have to take into account when decorating the bedroom of marriage, the most important is that it is decorated based on the tastes of the two members of the couple. For this reason, before you start designing, you and your partner should have clear decorative trend you want to use: Classic, romantic, minimalist-style…

Cómo decorar una habitación de matrimonio

When choosing the color of the room you must take into account that it should invite to relax. Thus, although ultimately it will always depend on your tastes, from warmness you recommend that you opt for the neutral pallets or cakes. The celestial, colors, green earth and white can be perfect.

As for furniture, it is best that this bed in the Centre that the two may have space at the sides for to be able to move freely around the room. Of course, you must have a large wardrobe room for belongings of the two. And as regards the decorative elements, it is best that you do not place too many embellishments. It is preferable to create a point of attention in which the two are agreement: a picture, photographs, a lamp… In addition, a bouquet of flowers or a table centrepiece will give a very pleasant natural touch stay.

Cómo decorar una habitación de matrimonio

Finally, we recommend that you opt, whenever possible, by a natural day lighting and an artificial for the night. If not, you can always place a simple ceiling lamp. In addition, don’t forget to put a lamp in each table or wall lamps on each side so not to disturb your partner if you need light in a certain moment of the night.

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