Hidden loft between vegetation in Chile

Loft escondido entre vegetación en Chile
This loft is located in the middle of the field, hidden among vegetation, in a place away completely from any town in Santiago of Chile. It is a taller-estudio belonging to a Greek philanthropist, he needed a refuge in which to think, live and work.

The architect in charge of the planning of the building was Matías Silva Aldunate, who faced the custom as a different project, which aimed to achieve a place in which to be able to disconnect and isolate themselves from the noise. The loft, built in the year 2011, is set in a large Hill which enjoys spectacular views of the city.

Loft escondido entre vegetación en Chile
The construction is divided into distinct two parts , each of which is located at one end of the field, which has a total 4,000 square meters. The first houses workshop, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and sauna. From the attic the city you can see through a double-height portico.

The second area includes a swimming pool, BBQ area, a bathroom and the winery. Both parties are related through different ways, resulting in different areas of rest and contemplation.

Loft escondido entre vegetación en Chile
They were chosen as materials for building ribbed concrete blocks and metal structures lined with corten steel. In addition, these materials become great supports for climbing plants that eventually will be large vegetal walls. The slope of the terrain helps drive the waters of the vegetation in a natural way.

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