Great! This expandable coffee table is enlarges the number of guests!

More is merrier more on… Fun around the coffee table! This is in any case the idea that seems to have crossed the mind of Reinier De Jong when he imagined the table REK. At first glance, this coffee table wood seems rather basic, even minimalist. But this small table reveals all its resources when your first guests will arrive: A hand gesture and hop a new plateau appears to welcome to new glasses!

Table basse extensible design REK

Yarn needle glass glass, this expandable coffee table over elongates in more… Up to 3 levels of trays, allowing the end of a table of 170 cm long and 130 cm wide. Ah yes, still!

Table basse modulable REK

When the party is over and the time of storing empty glasses arrived, then you still only to fold the athletism trays Until the next day:) In this configuration, the low table REK is more than 80 x 60 x 30 cm. You said compact?

Table basse avec plateaux gigognes REK

The little detail that makes the difference: with notches are engraved on the edge of each shelf to grab them more easily and to facilitate their handling (good practice, especially if you do not drink to the juice of orange, if you see what I mean).

Table basse gigogne design REK

Another point to the rank of good ideas: trays have a system of blocking at the end of race requiring them to land on the floor for bad Whoa Always possible end evening… Is is-ce-pas?

Table basse extensible REK fermée

The REK expandable coffee table price: EUR 1500

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