Furniture with pallets: do you (I)

palets2 Muebles con palets: hazlos tú mismo (I)
Today I will show you how with recycled materials and completely free of charge is possible to make us of more contemporary and modern furniture. In this case, the socorridos wood pallets of work come to serve us as a starting point for creating tables, headboards, estanterías… up lamps!

In some cases, the pallets have been dismantled and modified to create the furniture; while others have been used as is. “Artists” of recycling that have devised these surprising proposals have been inspired by the industrial and minimalist appearance of the pallets to find new use, with better than good…

The first image shows us how the pallets can be excellent racks with ability even to hang the bike. That the wood in the rough would not be very naked against the white wall, two vertical red; rectangles is painted before hanging the pallets is the result, as you can see, great.

palets4 Muebles con palets: hazlos tú mismo (I)
Here are two ideas for exterior. In the first, the tables of the pallet have been recycled to form a silla-columpio.Just practice a series of holes with the drill and “sewing” tables together with a strong rope. Along with the Chair, we can see how the pallet serves to create a “vertical Garden”, with a perfect small size for the balcony.

palets sofa Muebles con palets: hazlos tú mismo (I)
With a mattress and a pallet (or two, if necessary) has been this very simple sofa. The pallets, in this case, have been used as is, painted deep blue color. A good idea is to place the pallets with a wall and cover of square and upholstery, foam blocks forming an attractive “couch at work”.

Finally, a proposal that you have probably seen on another occasion: classical Centre table made with pallets.It is so easy to make, it is surprising: simply clean and sanded wood and give it a coat of white paint reduced with water. Then place one pallet on top of other (pasting them with strong adhesive)… And table finished.

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