Furniture with Mosaic mirror effect

Muebles con mosaico efecto espejo
Original, luminous, surprising… So are Crazycut, Phillips Collectionseries furniture. A set of pieces that are lined with brilliant mosaics of stainless steel. Its asymmetrical shape and its peculiar avant-garde style make them perfect for contemporary interiors.

As if a mosaic of mirror pieces were, Crazycut furniture they multiply the light of stay where they are. They enhance it and reflect it everywhere, brighten any environment. Why they are so special and so attractive to the eye.

Muebles con mosaico efecto espejo
And, although they are not actually made with pieces of broken mirrors, but cuttings handmade sheets of steel with a chrome finish, the effect is similar. The steel acts as a reflectormirror, so the originality and the brightness is the same.

Phillips Collection has more than thirty years seeking designers able to create very special, unique pieces.Surprising materials, cutting-edge designs and impeccable production are its hallmarks. A new concept that blends design and craftsmanship in each one of their sophisticated pieces.

Muebles con mosaico efecto espejo
In addition, and this is something that must be taken into account, any furniture of the Crazycut series are easy to adapt in environments of different styles. You have multiple items to choose: two different coffee tables, a small table, an armchair and a large Flowerpot.

While unconventionalelements are, none of them desentonará in your House. Rather to the contrary, equip light. In any case, they will be perfect within an interior design of cutting minimalist, decorated with neutral colors and a few furniture and special. But that is, perhaps, the ideal environment for this peculiar collection, they would also have much to say in an eclectic atmosphere.

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