Furniture Upholstered with lighting LEDS – Live Belta

Beltà presents the Live family designed by Dsignio. A series of models of upholstered furniture with lighting LEDS, which can react according to the intensity of the music and interact with the user. Live is the result of the study and understanding of the relationship of the individual and their environment, surprising with an adequate and not expected proposal, helping to create the desired feelings.

Upholstery Live collection has two features that make it different from other projects. The most striking feature is the possibility of being partially backlit by hundreds of LEDS which, through different programmes, the illuminated surfaces may modify its color to suit the user’s needs, different times of the day or different sensations that we want to transmit. Other programs allow to create different types of dynamic lighting, creating gradients of color, random shapes or even the ability to change of light intensity on the sound intensity, what is especially interesting for its location in leisure spaces. Also incorporates a team of regulation of intensity, allowing adapt energy according to need. The system of lighting by LEDS represent a more efficient energy consumption.

On the other hand is their original morphology and its upholstered bicolor, which gives you a great personality when lighting is turned off. Its rounded forms give it a friendly look, make it an object which invites to be used, encourages us to sit on it.

Beltà Live collection has been designed for use in public spaces, for this reason the collection with components and steps to meet the needs of contract namespaces.

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