Furniture rattan in your environments

Find us in our rooms with furniture rattan is symbol of naturalness, an ideal choice for those who wish to live in a place natural and spontaneous.

To get more knowledge about the material, it is important to know that rattan is the name that is sometimes referred to a type of plant related with Palm and with more than 600 different species. To be flexible, resistant and long stems, used for the manufacture of furniture and other various uses.

They fit perfectly in spaces highlighting as warm. And even better they located within the decoration outdoors to be resistant and very showy in these conditions. Due to the flexibility of their stems, rattan furniture attract attention by designs that present.

In spite of the differences that may have, you know the use to rattan resembles functions applied to Wicker for handicrafts and furniture manufacturing. It is so traditionally sold as rattan furniture is a structure of this wood completed work of basketwork.

Be possible to paint or giving tone to any wood, this transforms rattan into a perfect material for outdoor furniture. By its great adaptability, it considers the rattan furniture as items that fit perfectly in the terrace or in the garden.

Real your dream of being comfortably reclining on a perfectly padded rattan armchair can be perfect while in semi-shade one summer afternoon, either in winter to take something warm near the fire. Maintenance as to what is in their care is recommended each both to conserve them adequately, although the rattan furniture can last for many years.

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