Furniture Placements Tips

For a decoration can be considered a success need be comfortable and functional. Furniture should be beautiful and in perfect place but must also enable us to store, save and maintain order, in such a way that our interior not only look cute but that, at the same time, we can live comfortable.

The solutions that we must be practical and reasonable, nothing spaces palates to those who do not reach or we have stairs in special sizes. For a Hall, living room, or living room (that today often share the same space) is comfortable must take place to store and maintain order.

Some of the resources to maintain order furniture are easy and logical:

Cupboards and shelves should occupy any corner. You can do an armario-libreria instead of shelves to allow you save objects that fill of dust such as crockery or glasswareon an exempt shelving or without doors.

Corner furniture, tables with drawers, puffs that hide a hollow or desktop tables that allow to store books also on their sides, a very decorative solution and that allows you to maintain order in all spaces.

Drawers and more, in comfortable, under TV for DVDs of movies or audio, or to put sound equipment, or home cinem. Also, why not, commanders not in use, video games, etc.

They containers in different materials (cardboard, natural, baskets or boxes) are also a good option to maintain order in the classroom. They may be under the table, on it or on a Bookshelf. do lack space yet? Advantage of the walls!

If accompanied these resources with clear walls in the darkest areas of the stay and adequate lighting that avoid creating shadows, the space will be leveraged. Thus the positive energy that brings balance, and order will reign in your home.

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