Furniture for the Bedroom in Pastel Shades

Muebles para el dormitorio en tonos pastel
Choosing furniture for the bedroom is an important task. In any other room in the House as this is needed to create a serene atmosphere and relaxing, that it promotes relaxation and help us fall asleep. For this reason, it is basic to flee the strident colors and heavy decorations. The best? Opt for moderation in the furniture and, especially, in colors.

In this line, today I bring you a handy tip if you have to choose the furniture and accessories for the bedroom: furniture with a touch Classic easy to combine.

Muebles para el dormitorio en tonos pastel
It’s the ultimate signature of Newtons Furniture Furniture: a collection for bedroom whose hallmark are soft tones. The pastel color palette is very versatile in adapting these furniture to any bedroom. In addition, kept in time without losing one iota of validity, since these colors will not go out of fashion.

Cream soft, white fresh and luminous, roses, Dim and dusty… All a pastel palette that allows us to perform powerful combinations. Well, can choose to carpet, walls or add-ins, more intense colors. Thus Newtons Furniture pieces will shine with their own light.

Within the collection, you will find different models of bed, furniture vanity, chaise longues, comfortable, bedside tables and mirrors. All the parts that you need so that your bedroom doesn’t lack detail.

Newtons Furniture, French-inspired bedroom, collection includes models of upholstered beds and others painted wood. Perhaps because of the soft, delicate colours, all models get a refined and elegant atmosphere without leaving aside the naturalness. In the photos, you can see the bed Louis. It is made by hand, carved from mahogany and upholstered in cream tones. It is perfect next to the chaise-longue Chateau Chaise, also manufactured by hand.

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