Fun accessories for your computer

The Mark Brothers Cable Labels Divertidos accesorios para el ordenador
We love the new line of Accessories for the Office and the House that has just launched the signature Mocha, in its collection for the spring of 2012. The philosophy of the company, based in particular on the fun and originality, has returned to give rise to a series of exclusive designs, so fun and practical. Which we liked most is precisely that of the photo: under the name of The Mark Brothers, these five acrobatic figures hanging from the cables from the computer so that you can identify them once and for all. You can hook them to any standard cable and must avoid that make mistake when making connections.

Just record labels devices to connect and hang up the “brother” correspondiente… and how fun they are!

charlie Divertidos accesorios para el ordenador
Another curious component of the family of Mocha for this beginning of 2012 is the support for power cord Charging Charlie. This cute fireman will take care of your cables, avoiding them to fall and always ensuring that you hand. The figure simulates a firefighter used the hose as a power cord. Ultimately, a design that is at the same time decorative, functional and fun.

submarino Divertidos accesorios para el ordenador
But the collection does not stop in the Office or the Office, but also leaves the workplace to deal with other rooms of the House. The Submarine soap dispenser is shaped like a stylized submarine and is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. Ideal for bathrooms inspired by the marine environment, child decoration also complemented him perfectly. Its fun design is allied with the minimalist finish bright white to give rise to a contemporary and original article. These and other accessories you will find them on the website of Mocha.

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