Face, a couch outside of last generation

Faz, un diván de exterior de última generación
Who of you is not wishing that you end of winter? All, that more and which less, Miss less spring and summer, good weather, outdoor summer NAPs … This year, in addition, enjoy the summer relaxing with Faz, signed Vondomoutdoor day bed. One more reason to want to finish the season of cold.

The couch face, created by the architect Ramón Esteve, displays geometric and polygonal shapes inspired in some minerals present in nature itself. A very special Discovery that will be perfect situated at the edge of the pool.

Faz, un diván de exterior de última generación
One of the qualities of the day face of Vondom, bed is, without a doubt, its versatility and elegance. The design is modern and current, but can adapt to any outdoor environment. But not only the aesthetics is the highlight of this special divan. In addition to rest in a very chic and decorative furniture, we will be protected from the rays of the Sun, thanks to the special fabric cover.

As it is equipped with convenient wheels, we can move from one place to another without problems, and orient it according to the position of the Sun at all times. And, when not in use, a hydraulic system allows close it comfortably.

Faz, un diván de exterior de última generación
But perhaps the greatest novelty of face is the fact that it’s a smart and totally contemporary, furniture since it is equipped with speakers. In this way, and through the use of devices such as mobile phone or mp3, and thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can listen your favorite music while relaxing by the pool. Isn’t it a great idea? You can also take the Sun of day and relax outdoors on summer nights, since Faz also incorporates a soft ambient light.

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