E-250, a tall Bell for Your Kitchen

Pando surprised us with an innovative model of fully integrated in the roof, E-250 Bell. A piece specially designed to work effectively without breaking the aesthetic harmony of the kitchen.

E-250, una campana de altura

It is a Bell discreet, perfect for enjoying the breadth of the area without Visual barriers capable of adapting to today’s kitchens. All this with the benefits and the modern design characterize Pando.

Campana extractora de Pando

This Bell of clip-on roof is available in two finishes: stainless steel and expoxi-white matte so that their integration in the kitchen is full. Also available in two sizes: one of 1300mm which has two filters and lighting in the Center area, and another 1895 mm with three filters and two lighting zones.

Pando, campana E-250

In addition to its efficacy in fumes extraction, lighting is another strong point that it has a dual illumination: a few leds direct projection and lighting of courtesy perimeter in the suction area. Product energy sustainable because leds combine high intensity and low power consumption.

E-250, de Pando

For convenience, this model has a remote control that allows a perfect control of aspiration, and has filter trays that facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

E-250, una campana extractora de Pando


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