Details for a relaxing bath

Detalles para lograr un baño relajante
Finally it’s Friday! Many come home completely tired and stressed out after a long day’s work and a never-ending week. To disconnect from the face to the weekend, there is nothing better than taking time for ourselves and prepare a good relaxing bath. That Yes, if you want to enhance the calming effect of your bathroom to bring absolute peace , will have to be very careful with the decoration.

If you want to make your bathroom a place where to find relaxation, you can get it easily with plants and water accessories as stones and trunks of bamboo that you can place on the furniture of the basin, next to the shower, or even inside the bath. In addition, you will find helpful a few scented candles. Get a relaxing bath? Well, keep reading!

As I have said previously, plants are perfect for creating relaxing atmospheres, especially bambootrunk. In addition, it’s a plant that survives well in you settings wet in low light and it is resistant to changes in temperature. We recommend that you place it in a jar with water and a few small stones.

In the same way, orchids are perfect for bathrooms that are not very dark, since they need moisture but also light.

Another detail that will be great in your bathroom will be stones flattened in black and white used in therapeutic massage. You can play with different sizes, creating piles or small decorative mounds.

Finally, don’t forget to add aromatic candles to create a soft lighting and a relaxing atmosphere. If you want, you can choose to color floating candles or put them yourself on a tray with pebbles.

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