Decorate with flowers so that the spring arrives before your home

Un sofá con flores

I do not know you, but I’ll already feel like spring. Since that flourished the almond trees in my street I can not think that I need to put flowers at home to me brighten the view in these months of polar Cold coming and going.

Today I wanted to share with the readers of Decoesfera some ideas for decorating with flowers at home. I understand that the natural flowers will go by choosing them on the basis of your nearest florist or the pot already you rest, so we will see some decorative elements that will leave come spring into your home.

A first approach could be the sofa that heads this post in which the flowers are in the cushions. While in spring we can keep them, if we want something more neutral in winter, we can change their bags for other more minimalist. The sofa, if you’re interested, is the model Khanami of Roche Bobois.

Sillón Ektorp de Ikea

Continuing with the sofas, and if you are somewhat more daring you can give it a try to this Ikea Ektorp armchair with founded gourd in red and Fuchsia. The truth is that it is for me a little “too” but we are sure that you can compensate for its Baroque style with a more restrained decoration in other elements of the stay. Its cover price is 219 euros.

Escurridor Rose de La Oca

I know that many of you are more search details than making big changes, so I thought some small element that enter the flowers in your kitchen as the drainer Mini Rose of the Oca. Only 5.10 you can give it a more spring to your culinary art and smile while you escurrís vegetables or pasta.

Sábanas de Zara Home

The catalogue of Zara Home welcomes the new station with many options of flowers, as every year. On these lines have a game of quilt cover model Coral which costs about 39.99 euros in its version for bed 150 cm. I believe that it is a quite versatile cover that gives a very feminine touch to the room that I love. A bet for romantics of life.

Vajilla Talia de Zara Home.

And finally another detail of Zara Home, which a few years ago I would have associated with the grandmothers, but that with the twists that gives the fashion has become highly topical: the crockery of flowers, so denostada the past, has regained its prominence. Here you have on the text the Talia model and with variable price depending on the piece you buy.

If you like the decoration with flowers you are lucky because this year is the most. And if you don’t like it, surely you do find a detail within the parameters you wish to introduce this fashion discreetly in your decoration, do not think?

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