Decorate the table for a romantic dinner

Actually, I’m thinking in the same as you: that is already becoming less for Valentine’s day (February 14), and that those who have the good fortune to be lovers will have to go putting the batteries to surprise your better half. Although this festivity has without doubt much of commercial, is not bad celebrate love for everything high: and one of the best ways, classic and no pasa fashionable, is one romantic dinner.

But isn’t the same sitting down to eat with any dishes and watching television, which create an suitable environment through a series of tips for decoration. I bring you a series of photos with ideas that will help you succeed. Are we ready?

In the first picture, a classic: the dinner outdoors, under the stars and surrounded by greenery. The truth is that winter temperatures do not precisely accompany this initiative… But we can always make us with a stove for outside, especially if our terrace is so collected as in the photo. Even a small balcony, well decorated and equipped, can become the most romantic corner. In the image were chosen by the white ivory: for tablecloth, crockery and lamp, with silver cutlery. A classic not passing fashion.

Decorar la mesa para una cena romántica
This idea is for original spirits: decorate the table with Scrabble boards as a tablecloth, which write words of affection. Chinese food can be a good choice, with small bowls for sauces… And for the letters and candles. A dinner that turns into a romantic game. great!

Decorar la mesa para una cena romántica
More classic, impossible. But also, precious… Table dressed in spotless white, fine glassware, is embellished by the Red passion of roses and its petals. You can place a bowl of large glass (if you find with heart shape, better) with water and petals floating, and as a Center, a simple metal with one or two roses, large and open container.

Decorar la mesa para una cena romántica
This proposal, more sober, is also the most elegant. Just with a white tablecloth, a few individual silver that you can make by purchasing a fabric and sewing the hems, white candles with metallic Baroque style chandeliers… And napkins finely collected with tulle. Secure success. Below are some pictures with ideas for details and decoration of the House for Valentine’s day.

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