Custom furniture to increase storage space in the bedroom

Muebles a medida para aumentar el espacio de almacenaje en el dormitorio
If my goal yesterday was that le sucrase out of small children’s rooms, today I want to help you get more space to store things in the bedroom. Yes, in that place where at the moment there is no practically nothing, is possible that you can store all kinds of things: clothes, shoes, blankets, decorative objects…

The first thing you should keep in mind is that if you need more storage space in your bedroom the best thing you can do is to bet for the custom furniture, preferably up to the ceiling, of little background or recessed. Do you want to know that furniture should choose? Now we list the most important!

There are two furniture that can be super practical in your bedroom. One of them can be located under the window and in it can save, for example, shoes that you use most often. The other is the bedside table , which you will have to choose in proportion to the bed and placed approximately 20 cm from this. It is preferable that they be closed with doors and drawers.

Of course, closets wardrobes are essential in the bedrooms that need more space to store. A space between pillars or a hole in a corner is a good place to put it. It is only necessary to cover the gap with laminated and perform a few fronts to match with the rest of the decor. He thinks that planned up to the ceiling, cabinetry optimize to maximize space.

If you don’t have space for a conventional wardrobe, you can plan one to average height that does not have much Fund (just 40 cm).

In addition, it is important that furniture have bays, which are very useful to have everything in order. We recommend that when organizing them, you save on more accessible drawers that most use. On the other hand, you would be very useful a bank at foot of bed, an armchair or a gallant at night to have this list clothes for the next day without it wrinkling. If you prefer, also you can count with a small closet free at foot of bed.

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