Couch to PetFusion cats

gato0 Tumbona para gatos de PetFusion
If recently we were talking about the lovely “Cottage” of design for dogs signature Kooldog, today we want to take up the cudgels for one of the most appreciated and intelligent pets: our cat. They are also entitled to have their own furniture fashion, and if Furthermore find it comfortable and fun, much better. That will not remain if he the Petfusion brand sells the Cat Scratcher Lounge, a sunlounger rest for cats which, moreover, also serves as a scraper.

His lines, curves and avant-garde design, with a touch between pop and futuristic, is a success. In this way, in addition to being a toy for your pet, this piece becomes in a decorative sculpture.

Petfusion tumbona-rascador is made in corrugated, resistant and lightweight material at the same time. And it is so nice that you don’t have to hide it when they come the visits… Cardboard surface offers a perfect place for your cat sharpen the nails safely, so you can leave fear old Dresser that you heredaste your grandmother, or this sofa design that has cost you a fortune. In addition, the curved shape of the Deckchair provides cats a place to stretch out, sleep, lie down, climb or hide.

gato2 Tumbona para gatos de PetFusion
It is a relaxation for your pet, a sculpture and a toy area. Everything at a time… The piece is sold already mounted and, besides being beautiful and light, it is also ecological to be made with recycled cardboard. It is brown toasted, clearer on the surface and in tone chocolate in the cantos: perfect to combine with all kinds of shades. Also, now is “sales”: $ 100 has passed cost only 65!This tumbona-rascador for cats is available on the Petfusionwebsite through Amazon.

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