Console: appoint Office and Zeta acier by Studio Manzano

Console bureau Zeta blanc | Studio Manzano

Between the console and desktop, my heart A foul place balance…. And Yes, it is not easy to everyone when there is a lack of space. Going to have is a choix… Unless… But, I do have an idea: why not find a console that also makes the Agency Office? This is exactly the concept of Zeta. Imagined by Jérôme Groove and Johann Aumaitre, this console, made of a sheet of folded steel and cut, it was conceived as a branch office. So that you can work with your stand laptop or better sitting in a Chair for baby.

The little extra that makes the difference: tree patterns of cut in steel quietly allow unsightly son of other cables and power supplies. Electrical sockets and other internet categories may also be hidden behind the structure of the console. Design clean, intelligently designed, this Office console will make many adeptes… Me first!

Console bureau Zeta | Studio Manzano

The computer battery, a console / clean makeup Design Office.

Console bureau Zeta range-câbles

Side, face behind-the-scenes of the table with table of internet of all electrical cables and others. Vu or connu.

Console bureau Zeta, vue de dessus

Console bureau Zeta | Passe-câbles

Console bureau Zeta

Console bureau Zeta vue arrière

Console bureau design Zeta

Console bureau Zeta range-câbles design

Console bureau Zeta debout

This ingenious console steel Zeta has been designed to serve as a supplementary Office. You can work there standing (troubleshooting, is always practical) or sitting in a Chair for baby.

Console bureau d'appoint Zeta

More information on the console / auxiliary Office of Zeta
Designers: Jérôme Groove – Johann Aumaitre
Brand: Studio Manzano
Dimensions: H x L115 x P38 cm
Price: 1350 EUR

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