Conceal floating shelf : for fans of the books

conceal Conceal: para fans de los libros
Books about books? But of course it does. Books to read and books as inspiration in the decoration. The British are without doubt the Kings when it comes to mixing imagination with the sense of humor, and also to provide functionality to your furniture and accessories. Conceal floating shelf is a great example of this, as you can see on the picture. It’s “floating” shelves; i.e., without media view, that mimic stacks of books directly glued to the wall on which they can place the “authentic literature”.

Designed by Umbra, Conceal is available in two sizes and now just released a new double model.

These curious shelves are made of a tough and durable material: powder-coated steel. One of its main attractions is the feeling that create really be floating next to the wall, something that adds a touch of lightness and originality. The shelves Conceal are also economic: every single model are now discounted to 11.99 pounds (about 14,35 euros). The baldas individual measure 13 x 13 x 14 cm (high x width x depth) in total, and each has the capacity for between five and six small hardcover volumes, approximately. With regard to model large, its dimensions are 14 x 18 x 17 cm and it can accommodate up to five large hard cover books.

These shelves seem ideal to be placed in a large white wall splashing the surface of the more decorative way and serving at the same time to put over our favorite books. The Conceal shelf in all its versions and sizes can todquirir directly on the Stilishlife website. Take a look at the page: you’ll find the coolest and british designs of Internet. A discovery for those seeking a touch to your home.

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