Clean handles effortlessly

limpiar tiradores sin esfuerzo Limpiar tiradores sin esfuerzo
When we restore and acondicionamos the furniture old, we usually find with precious shooters of brass (where the most beautiful, even of bronze) that adorn the wooden at the time which play an essential role.Shooters, ornaments, details… Metal elements, as they are very decorative, often also are complicated to clean because of its intricate forms and workings.

When it comes to restoring a piece of furniture with this type of elements, it is very important to devote time to remove them in order to work the wood without clutter. Shooters can clean and retain bright for a long time, with minimal effort: below you say How to do this.

Forget about the limpia-metales to use; they are cumbersome to use and, eventually, the remains eventually accumulate dirt. Instead, you have at your disposal a much cheaper and convenient solution: ammonia.Take a wide-mouth glass vessel and fill it with a mixture in equal parts of water and ammonia. Then, enter the fittings of brass, bronze or copper in the mixture.

tiradores Limpiar tiradores sin esfuerzo
You’ll see how the fluid takes a blue-green color, while, as if by magic, the dorados are cleaned and become bright. If not, add more ammonia; If necessary, use this product without lowering. When the fittings are clean, pulls the mixture and rinse them well with running water. This method is very fast and efficient and will save you many boring moments rubbing and cleaning with the cloth. Dry the fittings to fund and ends by applying them a coat of lacquer Zapón (a special for metals, DIY stores and craft varnish) to keep them clean and shiny like new for a long time. Then you only have to put them in place; You’ll see how to earn furniture attractive.

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