Classic Tile Flooring

Suelos de baldosas clásicos
That the Classic back in fashion in decorating is something that I, at least, every time I have more clear. It can be combined with more modern elements, or maybe wearing their elegant forms in all its splendor. But lately I do more than see environments filled with classic timelessness, with the typical chandeliers (or fabric), furniture mahogany, gilt mirrors…

This trend I like, I confess. Maybe want me more with a groundbreaking touch, like a Cabinet of methacrylate or a fun vase in intense color, but the truth is that it is very appealing. And soils do not escape this fashion…

The images that appear in this post are the new Agatha collection created by the Venatto, belonging to the Greco Gres Group brand. The series consists of parts in polished finish with decoration integrated, forming a collection of high-end with different designs inspired by antiquity. It’s an exquisite design pavement , thought for remain impeccable with the passing of time and offers also various colors to choose.

Suelos de baldosas clásicos
The finished polished these pieces not only is very attractive to the eye, but it becomes very easy to clean surfaces to soils and extremely durable. For example, to sumptuous and glamour-filled environments is an excellent choice when it comes to replace the classic marble. The soils of this style are much more resistant, clean… And of course, economic. The Venatto Agatha collection allows to integrate pavement pieces of other series, such as Beige Maya, Argon and Kamel, to allow thousand and one possibilities that become an authentic Palace to our soil. You can see these beautiful floors and all floors and walls of the Venatto signature in its new catalog, available on the website of the Greco Gres group.