Chic & Basic Ramblas, a tribute to the 1960s

Chic&Basic Ramblas, un homenaje a los años 60
I am going to make an interesting proposal for your upcoming trips to Barcelona (surely you will do: the city deserves it). In the Centre, just two minutes from the Ramblas , there is a very special hotel, in which you can stay if you want to feel, not at home, but very much at home.

It’s the Chic & Basic Ramblas and just enter it, one already feels infused with the magic of the 1960s. Designed by Lagranja Design, the establishment made of the sixties decade its leitmotif, its reason for being. Thus, decoration is a hymn to the aesthetics of the past, specifically of that turbulent and vital time.

Chic&Basic Ramblas, un homenaje a los años 60
When designing the Chic & Basic Ramblas, Lagranja Design designers tried to regain the Spanish aesthetics of the sixties. Thus, each of the 6 floors which comprises 97 rooms available, is decorated with a different theme that represents the culture of those years.

The doors of the rooms become exhibit for photographs on culture and society panels, icons of design or folklore, among other topics.

Chic&Basic Ramblas, un homenaje a los años 60
The hotel lobby is a tribute to the era, carried out through the most emblematic objects of those years: a Seat 600, a huge Peseta used as a table, and a panel with magnetic keychains. The reception desk is composed of stacked dozens of suitcases of those years, it contributes to the space an air completely retro.

In the same area that makes up the lobby of the hotel, is the restaurant “El Pepi 600”, where you can try a home-cooking, casual with an appealing international flair. Breakfast buffet is really special, and there take the Sunday brunch can be an experience.

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