Catalogue of children’s furniture Flexa 2013

Catálogo de muebles infantiles Flexa 2013
Flexa is a well known company specializing in children’s furniture, which has just presented its new catalogue with extremely practical and fun accessories and furniture to make room for the smallest of the House in a personal, unique and comfortable place.

Flexa designs furniture adapted for children, and that means that they are so creative and original that they manage to stimulate your imagination and desire to explore the world. In addition, it allows them to play at a suitable place at his age and with the maximum security that they can do no harm.

Catálogo de muebles infantiles Flexa 2013
Flexa has set the bed as the centerpiece of the furniture, that their models are especially designed to provide children the best conditions for your rest throughout all its infantile stage. But best of all is that during the day, the Flexa bed can be transformed easily into a play area.

Finally, emphasize that all the Flexa furniture are made with pine wood of high quality, which ensures its durability with the passage of time. Moreover, all the furniture and accessories are still environmentally-friendly process.

Catálogo de muebles infantiles Flexa 2013
You can consult your complete catalogue on the website of Flexa, as well as download rates and all models available in stores.

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