Breakfast among giraffes at the hotel Giraffe Manor in Langata

Desayuna entre jirafas en el hotel Giraffe Manor en Langata
You know that lately tourism farm is widespread. There are many accommodations that allow guests to keep in touch with the farm and domestic animals. But, can you imagine that instead of pet sheep, cats and dogs, you could share your table with giraffes? We are not exaggerating! You can do exactly that in the Giraffe Manorhotel, situated 20 kilometres from the Centre of the city of Nairobi.

This luxury hotel was built in 1930 in the midst of a small private forest of 140 hectares following the model of a Scottish country house. Now, it has become world famous for its resident herd of giraffe of Rothschild.

Desayuna entre jirafas en el hotel Giraffe Manor en Langata

In 1974, the owners of the hotel created the Giraffe Centre, a small Center for giraffes endangered that organizes trips for schools, ecologists and biologists. The property comprises 6 rooms furnished with antique furniture, whose price ranges from the 89 to 220 euros. However, the best thing is that much of the revenue goes to the African Fund for the protection of protected species.

The hotel also houses the Museum of Karen Blixen, author of “Lejos de Africa” book that inspired the famous film by Sydney Pollack “Out of Africa”, which won six Academy Award in 1985.

Desayuna entre jirafas en el hotel Giraffe Manor en Langata

In the park surrounding the hotel you will find all kinds of animals that you will enjoy a unique experience . Apart from various types of Giraffe Rothschild, that will delight children, approaching the large windows of the hotel, to the front door or the breakfast room so guests give them to eat, you will see antelopes and wild boars. Furthermore, close to the hotel are several options for safaris.

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