Books around the House

For those who are lovers of the books, the passion can lead to obsession and this becomes a problem when it comes time to store them. Libraries are the best resource and which better allows the Organization, location and new use. The problem is when they are small and books are just occupying attics, boxes that we never know where to put or giving appearance of disorder.

Those who don’t have a big house with a room dedicated to library or reading space, we tend to think that one, or several bookstores in the Hall, an Office or children’s rooms are the only places in which the storage of the books may be decorative but the truth is that there is not a single corner of any housing in which books can not be located for convenience, relief and also to give a decorative tone to any room.

The halls, corridors or desks that can be filled with books on their sides, as well as desks with shelves above, are valid for that purpose. Also a high socket as a bookshelf could travel throughout your House as a thread conductor, as if it were the plot of a novel that becomes tangible.

Except in the bathroom, because humidity deteriorate the books, there is a corner in the House in which books protagonists or, at least, secondary characters cannot be. From receiver, salon, bedroom, into the kitchen.

Image: HouseOfTurquoise, Decoratrix

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