Birthplace of Ubabub Pod, Evolutionary cradle

Baby also has the right to its design space. With this bed cradle Pod, your child can sleep in a comfortable and safe cocoon. For you, dear parents, you can supervise your Cherub more easily through the walls of acrylic transparent. In addition, this bed of cradle of Pod is scalable. Only disassemble parts of adaptation of the bed, and that the child grows. Impressive.

Ubabub, lit bébé design

Ubabub Pod Cot, lit bébé parois transparentes

With its rounded design, its pure lines cleverly mixed transparent Plexiglas and wood, this evolutionary cradle will be a piece of cardboard in infants, but the parents.

Ubabub Podbed, lit bébé design

Ubabub Pod Cot, lit bébé transparent

Ubabub, Pod Cot, lit bébé en bois avec parois transparentes

More information on this evolutionary baby bed with transparent walls
Brand: Ubabub
Dimensions: L 1405 mm, l 695 mm, H 1009 mm
Price: $1899 at Kidostore

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