Basic for Nordic decoration

Básicos para la decoración nórdica
Many people don’t know it, but the Nordic style has much to do with the history, geography, climate and lifestyle of countries Scandinavians. In this area of the planet, the sun sets very early during the winter and the home becomes the main meeting place of friends and family, so many aspects such as lighting, space, and the details are cared.

Due to the influence of IKEA in our lives, among other reasons, Nordic or Scandinavian style is today more booming than ever and although our living conditions are not the same than in Northern Europe, we can introduce this type of decoration in our homes. You speak of the basic Nordic style below.

One of the keys of the Nordic decoration is the use of the white on walls, ceilings and even furniture to attract light. These are combined with grey, beige, and even Brown, which is often used in wooden furniture. Give a cheerful touch to the distance, using vibrant colors in the details.

Básicos para la decoración nórdica

In terms of lighting, priority is given to natural light making it the most, although it should be sufficient lighting, both direct and indirect.

Regarding furniture, include parts of straight lines and simple forms, which help to create calm and balanced. Of course, priority is given to wood in furniture and other smaller details, since it provides warmth in rooms. On the other hand, used tissues from nature and the geography of Scandinavia, such as cotton and linen, as well as leather and skins in sofas, rugs and carpets.

Básicos para la decoración nórdica

Finally, must keep in mind that Nordic decoration is pretty minimalist, which means that it is important that each furniture have a particular function . Thus, must be in your home things that don’t use or that does not provide a meaning. That Yes, you have to add decorative elements like pictures and picture frames.

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