Authentic Yoyo lamp by Catarina Van Matern and Lisa Lindstrom

Authentics / Maison et Objet janvier 2011

And has that it is round, the mount drops of white thread with a red? Course yoyo, but none because Catarina Van Matern and Lisa Lindstrom Yoyo small gave a small tour on the machine to enlarge objects Wayne Richard (Chérie expanded the baby, ndr). But it is not at all because this giant yo-yo is also and above all, the lamp of the Office. A subject and fun design does not go unnoticed in your apartment or in the terrace.

Lampe Yoyo

Lampe yoyo design

Everything you say, I discovered that my last visit to the home show and the object light I – I.

More information on lamp Yoyo
Designers: Catarina Van Matern and Lisa Lindstrom
Brand: real
Price: 329 EUR

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