An art-filled sofa

sofa2 Un sofá lleno de arte
In 1972, Salvador Dalí joined his creative wit Designer Oscar Tusquets to perform one of his most curious, original, innovative and well-known works. That year saw the light one of the most celebrated sofas in the world: Mae West Lips, which is part of the room Mae West of the Museum in Figueres, devoted to the Catalan artist that was relevant figure of surrealism. The website of Vilanova Peña, specialized market furniture and complements of Spanish 100% design, offers us the opportunity to acquire our own Dalilips sofa two-seater version.

In this way, convert our living room into a true Museum and provide a touch of originality that always characterized the artist of Figueres, is now a possibility.

Dalilips is a two-seater sofa with two versions: for indoor or outdoor. The Interior version made of rotomolded of low-density polyethylene, which can place in the terraces and gardens is of the same material, but with average density. Rotomolded technology is perfect for Dalilips sofa offers its user a feeling soft and resistant, while with the morbidity that characterized the lips of sensual actress of the early 20th century.

sofalips Un sofá lleno de arte
Available in pink colors and black, these sofas are so surprising as special. In addition to being able to decorate our home or garden with a more original design, also we can display an object inspired by one of the most important pieces of art of the 20th century. Dalilips sofa can be purchased directly on the website of Vilanova Peña for a price of € 1,545. An investment that undoubtedly worth if we are looking for more exclusive to furnish our House.

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