“American chic” retro set

retro Conjunto retro “American chic”
In the 1990s, the films of Quentin Tarantino again fashion aesthetics which seemed already aimed at the times of American Graffiti or rebel without a cause. Who does not remember that scene from the beginning of Pulp Fiction, with the two robbers declaring his love in a table of the typical American bar? For those of you who you declaréis you fan of 1950s America, and you’d like your House or part of it to reflect your passion, you have the opportunity to recreate a bar of that style in your own living room. Thanks to the whole Retro Diner Booth (which means “reserved retro for dinner”), in the classic red and white colours, your dream can become a reality.

The set is composed of three parts. A dining table rectangular (model Hepburn Booth), made of metal and countertop marble; with a single foot, as befits a cafeteria table as it should be. And the best seats, giving the whole this vintage so nostalgic and modern touch at the same time. They two simple two-seat sofas are upholstered in red and White Leather imitation (also available in white and black; are the Retro Diner Double model), with black bases, and incredibly evoke classical aesthetic of the American coffee-bars of the 50 and 60 years.

Almost seems to be listening to Little Richards and Jerry Lee Lewis… Certainly it is of a very special set.Perhaps not suitable for any home, but if we have a spacious lounge and we like the decoration of retro style, inspired by the film and music, this set can be the perfect complement to our House. Some posters of cinema, perhaps a nostalgic juke-box, a classic in the chain of music… And as if by magic, we go back a few decades and return to the Cambiar and the skirts of flight times. The Retro Diner Booth Set can be found on the website of Drinkstuff.

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