A mirror for each style

Un espejo para cada estilo
A good mirror is very special for decorating any room. Whatever your preferred style , we are sure that you will find a model that harmonizes with the rest of the elements of the room.

Modern, classic, ornate, minimalist, rustic… There is a mirror for each style. Today I want to present some mirrors which, in addition to completing the Interior, put a note of originality in the space. In addition, mirrors light up, multiply the light, and also extend the spaces. All are advantages.

Un espejo para cada estilo
The Chandelier & Mirror Company signature mirrors are perfect for decorating, while with them we update spaces, we lighting them and we put a breath of fresh air in the atmosphere. What is your favorite? In its catalogue, there are so many references, that insurance will find a mirror to your liking. There are classics, of Venetian Baroque-style… up with cage.

Another way to decorate is to mix various mirrors of different sizes and styles on the same wall. This trend is perfect for small rooms, since, as we have said before, mirrors make spaces appear larger. In addition, place a mirror like The Chandelier & Mirror Company is a great way give elegance to your living room.

Un espejo para cada estilo
For starters, you’ll have to check that locking of the back side of the mirror are safe. If the mirror is very heavy you should put two points of attachment, so that the weight is distributed.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you aseguréis the taco to be used is suitable for the type of wall where going to go the mirror.Meter previously so that the mirror is straight. Check, before making any hole in the wall, that there is no possibility of drill pipes or cables.

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