A male Chair

Furniture representing certain conditions, or mark the characteristics of an estilo…incluso, there are pieces of furniture can lead us in the imaginary form a landscape or particular geographical space. In this case, the Chair appreciated the image is a clear symbol of male identity.

Bob is called, and is a piece of furniture that pays tribute to the male character. It is a Chair of rest that integrates strong lines, in addition to presenting specific colours and sober materials. As you can notice easily, we are in the presence of one of the few furniture designs that are today able to represent the essence of masculinity.

This product introduced by Kettel company at Habitat, is a work of designer Helle Jongerious. Bob Chair has been developed in metal, and its aesthetic proposal includes a wavy and ergonomic profile. In summary, you can say it a Chair of strong personality, but at the same time it is sober and pleasant to the eye.

Characterized by a modern style, but with an interesting industrial touch that gives you a different air, this Chair can become without a doubt a focus of visual attraction in a Studio or a minimalist design, Salon for example. On the other hand, its structure deserves a punto y aparte.

It is one of the main attractions of this Chair is the design of his body, which has been divided into five medium roller, which provide optimal conditions for support and rest. This ergonomic facet of furniture power its futuristic appearance added in addition to the kinetic feel and constantly moving contributing their materials.

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