A desktop that becomes a compact bedroom

Un escritorio que se convierte en un dormitorio compacto
Square meter is still expensive in Spain, but in New York, the living room has a proudly high. For this reason, any piece of furniture compact and multifunctional is well received. Inspired by his own experience, Athanasia Leivaditou, NL Studio designer, who studied and worked in the Big Apple, has designed 1.6 SM Of Life, a desktop that converts into a bed Compact.

No doubt, it’s a great idea for small houses or so workers can spoil a NAP in the Office, since it is proven that sleep 20-minute NAP is good for health. As you can see in the photographs, at first glance it looks normal. However, the desktop hides things more interesting.

During the day, the top of the desk moves forward in order to create more space. During the night or NAP time, the front is reduced to form the base and the mattress of the bed. The right side also tilts so that it can function as a support for the head. For its part, the left side functions as a storagearea. But do not believe that this ends here.

And that is one of the things that most surprised of this compact bed that it includes a small television at his feet. I don’t know if it will be very comfortable to see it, but at least there is the possibility to entertain themselves while watching a film or any kind of program.

With 2 x 0.8mx 0. 8 m, its design varies depending on personal preference. That Yes, the designer has very clear what is the basis of the project:

The main concept was based on the fact that our lives are being reduced in order to fit in the enclosed space of our Office. Over time I realized that each civilization may have a very different things perception based on its social context.

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