25Hours hotel tailored by Levi’s

Hotel 25Hours en Zurich
If you have used an epithet to refer to this Swiss establishment, we would say that it is a design hotel. And it is that both in the rooms and common areas, is present in each of its spaces, the purest, striking and special design concept. In this way, it offers accommodation with lots of personality and that moves away from the settlements to use.

Long appeared in Hotelesia “25Hours hotel tailored by Levi’s” in Frankfurt. The establishment of which we speak today belongs to the same string, and is located in the Swiss city of Zurich.

Hotel 25Hours en Zurich
Architecture and design are key elements in this hotel. In fact, the entire decorative concept has been created by the Argentinian designer based in Switzerland Alfredo Häberli, in collaboration with the study of architecture Aeberli Vega Zanghi. In addition, all graphic design, including signage, posters and stationery, is the work of designer Stefanie Häberli-Bachmann.

Together, they commissioned to bring new and exciting ideas to the hotel. The result is a different, full of sparkling, with punches of color and a spectacular design spaces. There are many artistic and graphic interventions with references to the emblematic places in the city (surpassing the considerations that limit it to the banks, chocolate and watches) in such a way that the hotel becomes a guide of Zurich in three dimensions.

Hotel 25Hours en Zurich
The hotel has 126 rooms listed under the name of precious metals: silver, gold and Platinum. All offer a different atmosphere, colourful and striking, sometimes in others elegant and discreet, but always attractive, comfortable and modern. They are equipped with designer furniture and all the amenities.

We must also talk about restaurant hotel, captained by chef Has Molcho. Under the name of NENI, becomes a gastronomic benchmark, its own International Court full of exotic flavours.

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